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Suspension Work

Suspension Work in Conway, AR

Why it's important: Your suspension system absorbs the impact of bumps in the road to provide you with  a smooth and level ride. It also helps to support the weight of your vehicle while keeping your tires and wheels on the ground. Without the suspension system, you'd get more air when driving over speed bumps and pot holes at high speeds.

Modern cars and trucks have a come a long way since the first automobile, including the many specialized parts engineered for your suspension system.

However, suspension parts don't last forever and are susceptible to damage, especially on off-road trucks and Jeeps.

Custom Suspension Services: Looking for ways to lift and lower your vehicle? R & D Tire specializes in air suspension systems.

Air Suspension Systems

An air suspension uses air springs in place of alternative springs like steel or leaf. Air springs are made of rubber and hold pressurized air. When an air suspension system is installed, it requires some extra hardware like an air supply unit. This unit will help supply outside air to the springs as you need it.

There are two types of air spring systems: open and closed. In an open system, outside air travels to the air spring and is released from the air spring when no longer needed. This system may or may not include a reservoir for the air to travel through before it reaches the air spring. In a closed system, the outside air travels through a reservoir to the air spring and is released back to the reservoir when no longer needed. R & D Tire works with both types of systems.

Air suspension benefits: Air springs allow you to adjust the height of your vehicle on demand. If you need to lower your truck for passengers to get out, you have the ability to do it. If you need a higher Jeep body because you're going off-road, you can raise the height at will. If you're driving a pick-up truck and occasionally need to haul heavy weight, air springs let you raise the height of your truck, then lower it when you're no longer hauling anything.

How Can I Tell When I Have a Suspension Problem?

When something isn't working right with your car or truck suspension, you'll know it. That's because suspension problems can result in:

  • A rough and bouncy ride
  • Your vehicle pulling to one side
  • Longer than usual vibrations after hitting a pot hole or bump
  • Nose dives when coming to a stop

When you run into steering and suspension problems, contact the team at R & D Tire. Our qualified automotive service technicians will diagnose the cause of your problem and provide the correct repair to restore dependability to your vehicle.

Suspension Services

We specialize in under car service, including:

Call (501) 335-7004 to schedule a service appointment with our team, or request an estimate online. We serve Conway, AR, Damascus, AR, and surrounding areas.

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